Our Catering Menu

Delivery, Pickup, & Other Services

Thank you for choosing Estilo Rancho. We want our customers to have the best experience possible. Don’t be afraid to ask about any special needs for your event. We will do our best to accommodate the needs of our amazing customers!

  • Pickup & Delivery Available

    Happen to have the extra time to pick-up your order on the day of your event? Awesome - please provide us with a 24-hour notice on what time you would like to arrive at our location to pick up your food. We will have everything ready for you to load into your vehicle! Pressed for time or unsure if you have space in your vehicle? Not a problem- we deliver! We ask for 48-hour notice for all deliveries so we can ensure we show up at the right place, at the right time to make sure your special event goes off without a hitch! Delivery fees: $10 delivery charge under 10 miles. $20 delivery charge over 10 miles.

  • Service Ware

    Want to ensure that all of your food remains piping hot no matter what? Not a problem, we’ve got you covered with our service ware: $200 fully-refundable deposit per warmer $9.50 per chafer (you keep the chafer) $5.00 per chafer (with the return of chafer) $2.50 per stereo Quart 8-10 guest 1/3 pan 18-22 guest 1/2 pan 40+

  • Servers

    Want to make your event extra special? Get rid of all of your worries by bringing on one of our expert servers! Our server/s will assist your guests for $15 an hour, per server, in addition to a singular $20 set-up fee. Minimum of one hour required for all events/all servers.

  • 24-Hour Notice

    Your health and safety is our top priority. Please be aware that pre-payment for catering is non-refundable; once you have provided us with the size of your party, we cannot adjust for fewer people. $100 minimum order

If you would like to have your party bar hosted at Estilo Rancho Grill we would be more than happy to host your party. All beverages will be $1.50 (for 2 hours)
(Excludes alcohol and bottled sodas)